Intersecting Art is the product of two projects which sought to enhance interest, understanding, enthusiasm, and performance in standards-based subjects among American Indian students in grades K-8 by using culturally-relevant art projects to teach academic content. By partnering with local American Indian artists to infuse culturally responsive visual and performing arts activities into K-8 language arts, math, and science education, these lesson plans were created.

Each lesson includes:

  • Objective
  • Materials needed (resources and art materials)
  • Activity process (motivation, demonstration, activity, closure, and checks)
  • Vocabulary words
  • Comments by teachers who have taught the lesson

Lessons are searchable by grade level, season to be taught, and/or primary content area

Access Curriculum

For more information and to access this free curriculum,  please see the Culture-based Arts Integration Curriculum website.


To increase student:

  • Opportunities to experience and appreciate the arts and Ojibwe culture within the integrated curriculum
  • Scores on the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment testing in math and reading
  • Interest, ability, and willingness to attend to content tasks, maintaining consistent patterns of skill attainment

For teachers to:

  • Develop an understanding and ability to incorporate knowledge of traditional Ojibwe are into content
  • Support ongoing teaching strategies and techniques