From Theme Four: The Reflection

Youth participating in the 'A Presentation About Me' activity.


For students to reflect on and share their transition goals and lessons learned throughout the program.

Student Outcome

Student will present what they have learned during the program and how it relates to personal transition goals.

Portfolio Placement


Time Frame

60-90 minutes

Size of Group

Large or small group (Size of group will determine amount of time needed.)

Materials Needed 

Before You Begin

  • Invite parents and family members to the student presentations as it involves them in the transition process of the student.
  • The presentation can be part of the last day of the program or during an awards ceremony for those who have completed the program, but it does not have to be the closing activity of the program.


  1. Give students a copy of Handout: “A Story About Me.”
  2. Tell students they are going to create a presentation to share with the group and all those invited to attend as a culminating activity to the program.
  3. Tell students the presentation should last at least five minutes and that the handout is just a guide of the information they could include in their presentation. They may add more information, based on their personal experience and what they have learned in the program, but the categories on the handout need to be included in the presentation.
  4. Tell students they may use any “artifacts” or items they created during the program as “props” for their presentation.
  5. Tell students to practice what they are going to say so they do not read off the paper.
  6. Tell students the purpose of this activity is to “pull it all together” and share with others what they have learned.
  7. Tell students that by presenting the information in this way, it will help them “cement” their experiences in the program.
  8. Allow students to invite those most important to them (their support circle people) to this presentation. Invitations may be written and sent if so desired.
  9. Take pictures of each presentation and send the photos to students after the program. They can put their photo on Handout: ”The Future is Mine” and put it in their Onaakonan System.
  10. At the completion of each presentation have students introduce those who are there to support them (their support circle).


  1. What did it feel like to share the newfound knowledge about yourself with others?
  2. Did it help you in thinking about the future in any way? How?