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Expanding the Circle Transition Curriculum

Nigaan-Ozhiitaa System

Finding Our Voice Video DVD

Young American Indian Entrepreneur Curriculum

Culture-based Arts Integration Curriculum Website


The following Expanding the Circle products are available for purchase. To receive product brochures in the mail, please submit your contact information here.


thumbnail image of coverExpanding the Circle: Respecting the Past, Preparing for the Future
A Transition Curriculum for American Indian Youth: 2nd Edition

by J. Echternacht and J. Hallas
The second edition (2017) of ETC expands upon the transition skills and project-based learning developed in the first edition (2002) for American Indian youth, primarily in grades 9-12. Consistent with the first edition, ETC is culturally relevant and activity based. The emphasis of ETC is to build the social-emotional learning to better prepare American Indian youth for careers, postsecondary education, and adult life. Activities are structures in a sequential format to build skills is four areas: discovery of self and what drives the youth to specific interests, values, and aptitudes; development of non-academic but essential skills in preparing for transition and adulthood such as organizational, decision-making, and self-advocacy; exploration of careers and college that relate to personal interests and abilities; and developing a plan based on lessons learned from ETC. ETC is designed with simple, easy to follow lesson plans. An additional product is the portfolio system, entitled Nigaan-Ozhiitaa System (NOS), in Ojibwe meaning to organize/plan. The NOS is a series of files used to organize the life planning activities throughout the ETC, high school, and the future. Cost: $99.95 for each curriculum package, $15.00 for each additional NOS Read more


Expanding the Circle: Respecting the Past, Preparing for the Future
A Transition Curriculum for American Indian Youth: 1st Edition

by J. Echternacht and J. Huisken
The first edition (2002) of ETC offers a structured process and a set of culturally-relevant activities to facilitate successful transition from high school to adult life for American Indian students. Its content is based on work with hundreds of American Indian high school youth, paraprofessionals, teachers, and administrators. Curriculum activities, which were created with students' varying strengths and interests in mind, include family and community members in the transition process and are aligned with Minnesota graduation standards. In addition, the package includes one Onaakonan System (OS), a personal portfolio system for students that is used throughout the curriculum to help them plan for their future in an organized and structured way. Out of print; no longer available for purchase. Please contact with questions.


Nigaan-Ozhiitaa System

During the transition process, it is essential for students to organize the important information and documents that they will reference throughout their lives. Portfolios provide a way for students to collect and organize samples of their work to show prospective employers or college admissions counselors what they have done and what they can do. The Nigaan-Ozhiitaa System is a personal portfolio system designed to help transition-age American Indian students plan for their future after high school in an organized and structured way. The Expanding the Circle curriculum includes activites that lend themselves to the use of the Onaakonan System. An Nigaan-Ozhiitaa System is included with each curriculum book; additional Onaakonan System may be purchased as needed. • Cost: $15.00

The Nigaan-Ozhiitaa System has the following categories —

  • Accomplishments
  • Vocational/Work
  • Education
  • Medical
  • Support Circle
  • References
  • Recreation & Leisure
  • Residence
  • Transportation
  • Legal
  • Monthly Expenses
  • Financial Records

Finding Our Voice Video DVD

New product debuted at the National Indian Education Conference in Anchorage, Alaska in October 2006. A video DVD and curriculum highlighting four American Indian youth participating in transition activities designed to prepare them for life after high school. The 45-minute DVD shows students in adventure and service-based programs, leadership abilities that they then demonstrate at home, in school, and in their communities. The students tell how these programs have improved their lives by raising their expectations of themselves, strengthening their connection to the community, and fostering pride in their American Indian heritage. A resource manual (PDF, 966Kb) that provides specific activities to be used by students and staff to enhance the learning experience accompanies the DVD. Finding Our Voice is an excellent complement to the curriculum, Expanding the Circle: Respecting the Past, Preparing for the Future. • Cost: $55. View trailer


Cover imageYoung American Indian Entrepreneur (YAIE) Curriculum

Developed in 2010, the YAIE curriculum is designed for American Indian high school students (grades 9-12) to explore entrepreneurship as a viable vocation. The manual was developed as a result of the summer programs held at Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College (FDLTCC) for high school students in transition. These programs were designed to prepare youth for transition from high school to college and to build their awareness of opportunities in business, especially small business and entrepreneurship. Although the manual was designed for implementation as a summer program, it is also valuable useful in many contexts such as incorporating activities into basic business courses, money management, transition programs, or as part of an advising program. • Cost: $50.00. Read more.


cover imageCulture-based Arts Integration Curriculum Website

A curriculum representing part of a comprehensive and collaborative model that is designed and facilitated by the University of Minnesota's Institute on Community Integration and Art Education Program, for American Indian and non-American Indian students in grades K-8 to enhance their interest, understanding, enthusiasm, and performance in standards-based subjects. Working teachers, community elders, and culturalists based the curriculum on local art and culture to better address Ojibwe students' needs. Read more.



Order ETC products from the Institute on Community Integration.


For more information contact Jana Hallas,, 612-624-7315 (phone), 6 Pattee Hall, 150 Pillsbury Dr. SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455.



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