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Culture-Based Arts Integration (CBAI) Curriculum Website

The Culture-Based Arts Integration (CBAI) project was developed in partnership with two northern Minnesota school districts - Cloquet Public Schools and St. Louis County Public Schools - and the University of Minnesota.


Project CBAI partners with local American Indian artists to infuse culturally responsive American Indian visual and performing arts activities into K-8 language arts, math, and science education (see Culture-based Arts Integration Curriculum website). A focus of the project is to align American Indian arts-integrated lesson plans with state and national academic content standards. In addition, the project evaluates the effectiveness of the curriculum on student outcomes and disseminates the curriculum for national and statewide replication.


Project CBAI is designed to enhance, expand, document, evaluate, and disseminate innovative, cohesive models that are based on research and have demonstrated their effectiveness in:

  1. Integrating standards-based arts education into the core curriculum;
  2. Strengthening standards-based arts instruction; and
  3. Improving the academic performance and skills in creating, performing, and responding to the arts of students.


Research is being conducted to evaluate the outcomes of providing culture-based arts integration resources to students using a randomized controls. Certain grades will receive training as developed by Project Intersect along with access to resources (community artists, materials, etc.), while other grades will serve as controls (not receiving training).


Expected Outcomes

Expected student outcomes are:

  1. increased opportunities to experience and appreciate the arts and Ojibwe culture within the integrated curriculum;
  2. increased scores on the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment testing in mathematics and reading; and
  3. increased interest, ability, and willingness to attend to content tasks, thereby maintaining a more consistent pattern of skill attainment.

Expected teacher outcomes are to:

  1. develop an understanding and ability to incorporate knowledge of traditional Ojibwe art into content, and
  2. collaborate to support ongoing teaching strategies and techniques developed.

Project Parters

Project Highlights

See Culture-based Arts Integration Curriculum website.

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